Vedic Jyotisha

Jagannath_PicJyotisha is a Vedanga. It is a “jyoti” a light which shows us the path in the darkness of life. Though we humans are the most superior species on the planet earth but we all are born with some weakness. If the weakness is small and doesn’t effect our life much in a negative way, its ok but the main problem starts when it effects our peace and happiness.

We should understand that without any cause there in no effect. Every condition has some cause which has already happened in the past and our “choice of action” today will decide our future. So how can we choose our action correctly? Hence this “choice of action” is very critical. Through Vedic Jyotish you get a light in terms of advice or guideline to take proper actions and find right path for your problem or on higher level path to soul. May Lord Jagannath bless us with the right path !!!

For the Vedic Astrology Consultations, Kindly contact me in the following address :-

Deepak Kalkoti

or What’s app me on : 9560299794

Once a request is received, I will contact you personally for further process.


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